Language Progress


So if you follow this blog, you’ll come to learn I watch a LOT of television. From American shows to Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese dramas, I don’t even know how many different shows I’ve seen in my life. I go through phases of watching tons of American TV to Asian TV, often going back and rewatching old favorites of both.

The purpose of this post is pretty much for the purpose that while watching Just You, I started noticing that I could understand full sentences here and there and other times at least recognizing certain words.

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Why Chinese?

Welcome back! Basically, this is a bit of background about me – talking about how and why I wanted to learn more about the Chinese culture.

A lot of people have asked me over the years, “You’re Vietnamese, right? Why are you learning Chinese?” And my answer actually begins with my Vietnamese heritage.

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The Beginning

大家好!Hi, everyone!

My name is Catherine, and this is a chronicle of my time applying to and hopefully attending Beijing Normal University, also known colloquially as 北师大, Beishida, in Beijing, China.

Today was the first day that I acted on wanting to study abroad. I’ve been looking at information about going to China for over a year now – I looked at study abroad programs before even deciding where I wanted to go to college; but, today was the first real step towards actually making my dream come true.

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