The Beginning

大家好!Hi, everyone!

My name is Catherine, and this is a chronicle of my time applying to and hopefully attending Beijing Normal University, also known colloquially as 北师大, Beishida, in Beijing, China.

Today was the first day that I acted on wanting to study abroad. I’ve been looking at information about going to China for over a year now – I looked at study abroad programs before even deciding where I wanted to go to college; but, today was the first real step towards actually making my dream come true.

While it was somewhat of a baby step (going to visit the study abroad office), it definitely sets my plans into motion. My interview with the study abroad director is next Monday, so it’ll be 30 minutes of “Where do you want to go? Do you know about the costs? What are you going to study?” etc.

More about me:

  • I’m currently a Sophomore college student in Louisiana.
  • I am Vietnamese, but have always had a large curiosity for Chinese language and culture.
  • I’ve never travelled outside of the Americas, so this will (hopefully) be my first time going somewhere international.

My plan is to go for a year as a Junior and enroll in the Chinese Culture and Language curriculum, where I’d essentially just take classes to increase my knowledge of the Chinese Language.

In addition to a year abroad, I’m also making plans to go to Taiwan over the summer on a school program. Whether or not those will both happen, we’ll see. I’d love to go on the program over the summer, but at the same, I know that going to a new country will be a new adventure, so I’m going to want to save up as much money as I can before then to make sure that I will be living comfortably and safely while in Beijing.

That’s pretty much it for now, so I’ll see you all again soon!

Forever Love 永远爱,

Catherine 凯瑟琳


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