Language Progress


So if you follow this blog, you’ll come to learn I watch a LOT of television. From American shows to Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese dramas, I don’t even know how many different shows I’ve seen in my life. I go through phases of watching tons of American TV to Asian TV, often going back and rewatching old favorites of both.

The purpose of this post is pretty much for the purpose that while watching Just You, I started noticing that I could understand full sentences here and there and other times at least recognizing certain words.

Taiwanese wise, I’ve been watching a really cute drama called “Just You” (就是要你愛上我/Jiùshì yào nǐ ài shàng wǒ) starring Aaron Yan and Guo Xue Fu. It’s been getting really good reviews from online watchers and I love me some Aaron Yan. He’s had a few main leads since starting his acting career, but none them have been huge hits, so I’m glad that he’s finally getting recognition :).

With all of the adrenaline of applying to study abroad, being able to watch this and see that my knowledge of Mandarin is growing a lot, especially compared to when I first started watching, where I’d have to be glued to the subtitles to follow along, whereas now, I can look away every once in a while and still understand what’s going on.

With only a year and a half of formal language learning, I’m really excited to see what could happen after being immersed in the language for an entire year!

If anyone is a fan of watching Taiwanese dramas, definitely check this one out! I’m only on episode 6 and it’s already pretty darn adorable. Probably within the next few days (if not tonight honestly), I’m gonna put together a list of great Taiwanese dramas for people to watch if anyone wants to get into these amazing stories!!


Catherine 凯瑟琳


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